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The folks here at Oryzon are passionate about Credit Repair and pushing it to the limit to obtain the optimum credit for all of our consumers. While we like to be on the cutting edge, we strongly believe that innovation, accompanied by past methodologies, are the key to providing our clients with the quickest and most effective approach. We are sure you have millions of questions about not only your own credit, but who exactly is Oryzon Credit, LLC. Below, you will find answers to many of the common questions we receive in this particular industry. If you find yourself having questions that are not covered below, please feel free to contact us, and we will be sure to provide an immediate response to your request!


Fast Results

Rated as the #1 Credit Repair company in San Diego, we achieve faster results than any other credit repair company in the industry. 

Our primary focus is helping ALL our clients achieve the most optimal credit in the shortest period of time!


Create & Inspire

Endless possibilities and opportunities 

We’ve designed our programs with the intentions of ensuring our customers obtain the highest level of credit performance, with the least amount of effort needed. Although Oryzon is fairly new, we do not let that hinder the levels of success that we are able to provide to our customers. Through innovation and award-winning customer service, we are determined to provide all of our customers with the essential tools needed to achieve their ideal credit.


We understand that every credit profile is different, and because of that, we offer customizable credit repair programs to fit YOUR everyday need. By choosing to become a client, you will enroll in a program that is not only affordable, but provides an excellent level of repair and support. Our Premium program offers all of the essentials needed to put you on the path to a quick recovery!

About Us


San Diego Award Program & Small Business Excellence Award

San Diego Award Program & Small Business Excellence Award

SAN DIEGO August 18, 2017 — Oryzon Credit has been selected for the 2017 San Diego Award in the Credit & Debt Counseling category by the San Diego Award Program, making this the third year in a row the company has won this award. Oryzon won the 2015 and 2016 award in the same category.

Oryzon Credit has ALSO won the 2016 Small Business Excellence Award for Top Performing Company in the Financial Advising classification.

People Love Us on Yelp!

People Love Us on Yelp!

No. 1 Ranking & 5 Star Review!

It’s important to us to provide a service that is exceptional on both the personal and professional levels. Our unique credit repair process encompasses credit expertise, accompanied with a customer satisfaction guarantee that is unmatched. Determined to positively impact the lives of thousands of Americans, we strive to correct their credit profiles in ways they could never imagine, and we are ready to do the same for you.


Over 10,000 Negative Items Removed

We Specialize in the Removal of Derogatory Items

We Specialize in the Removal of Derogatory Items

4 out of 5 credit reports in America contains some kind of error or inaccuracy. Over the course of our time doing business, we have been able to successful dispute and remove over 10,000 negative/derogatory items from consumer credit reports. These items include: collections, charge-offs, late payments, student loans, bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures, short sales, and tax liens.

Improve Your Credit Score

Improve Your Credit Score

With less negative items comes higher credit scores!

By improving the credit report as a whole, we have successfully been able to increase the scores of clients anywhere from 50-100 points across the board. In some cases, several clients have seen drastic score improvements in as little as 30 days!

*results may vary per client*

50 – 100 Point Score Increases

$99 per month

Made to Fit Your Budget

Made to Fit Your Budget

We understand that finances can be tight right now, and last thing we want to do is be more of a burden by stripping you of your hard earned dollar.

Our Premium program offers all of the essentials needed to put you on the path to recovery, and it’s only $99/mo. for an individual, or $150 for couples, to have us to represent you on your path to recovery. We also have AMAZING upgrades available should you want ever faster results!!!

*Please note that there is a one-time document and processing audit fee based on your credit selections will be due after your consultation and submission of first week’s work, depending on the package that was selected*

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